Al Sharpton Can’t Even Avoid Lying at a Funeral

There were lots of cameras in L.A. for the Michael Jackson memorial circus, so naturally Al Sharpton was there following the lights like a moth and even managed to get some serious stage time.

Sharpton told Jackson’s kids that “There was nothing strange about your daddy!”

You don’t get too many laugh lines like that at funerals, but Al delivered. If only Bubbles would have run onto the stage pushing a Boy Scout in a satin, sequin-lined bed while holding a picture of a 9-year-old boy wearing one glove and drinking wine on the ferris wheel at the Neverland Ranch and then had Corey Feldman, clad in a surgical mask, dangle the whole lot over a hotel balcony, the non-strange scene would have been complete.

I saw CBS begin their coverage of the funeral with Katie Couric leading the way — what I wouldn’t have paid to see the graphic “Plastic white female covers memorial service of same.”

Allahpundit summed the whole thing up the best in a Twitter post: Nothing says taste and class like Mariah Carey caterwauling in a plunging neckline onstage with a corpse.

Update: Thanks to Michelle for the link here.

Update II: Word is that another Michael Jackson “tribute” is being planned for London. Suggested theme: “We are the world, we are the attention whores.” Look for more merchandising this time, and for Joe Jackson to pitch a record company… again.

Author: Doug Powers

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