Jocelyn ‘Five-Knuckle-Shuffle’ Elders is Back and More Perverted Than Ever!

My favorite Surgeon General of all time, who encouraged more kids to “beat it” than Michael Jackson ever did, is back.

Have you ever heard of somebody getting a standing ovation for calling for sex-ed to be taught to kindergartners? Now you have:

Former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders got a standing ovation after speaking at the annual summit of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice where she advocated health clinics offering contraceptives on public school campuses and comprehensive sex education in the schools starting in kindergarten.

“We ought to have comprehensive sex education in our schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade,” said Elders, who was fired by President Bill Clinton a little more than a year after he appointed her in 1993 because of remarks she made about teaching young people about masturbation as a way to keep them from becoming involved in riskier sexual behavior.

A standing ovation for talking about teaching sex to five-year-olds? That group is either starved for entertainment or perverted beyond belief.

Incidentally, I agreed with Clinton for firing Elders back then — not for her comments about teens masturbating, but for being stupid enough to think that they actually need to be taught how to do it.

Author: Doug Powers

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