‘Peggy Effect’ Taking Toll on Obama Approval Rating

After Obama was elected president, his approval ratings were very high. At the time, I predicted that soon those numbers would be hit by the “Peggy Effect.” That is now happening.

What’s the “Peggy Effect”? Essentially, victims of the Peggy Effect are all kids who got up all excited on Christmas morning and ran downstairs only to discover that not only were there no presents under the tree, but that Santa stole most of the shit they already had — and they’re upset.

Everybody who voted for Obama because of all the free stuff they’d be getting, such as the famed “Peggy the Moocher,” have been running to their mailboxes for months now since Obama’s inauguration and… nothing. They’re heard about trillions of dollars being spent on hope and change, but still… nothing. What a letdown this must be. Sure, the Peggys will still vote for Obama again in the next election, because they’re so stupid that they’ll fall for the same lines all over again, but on a temporary basis, the Peggy Effect is driving down Obama’s approval rating.

Here’s Peggy the Moocher in headier days, back when she was filled with hope, optimism and dreams of free gas and a fully covered mortgage. Sigh:

Author: Doug Powers

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