Twitter Widgets and Other Potentially Annoying Changes

Weekends are as good a time as any to experiment with changes. As you might see to the left, I’ve installed a Twitter widget, and am planning a couple other little things. I’ve become addicted to Twitter to some degree — better than crack, I suppose. It’s the html version — I didn’t install the Flash 9 version because I don’t know how many people don’t have Flash 9, and nothing’s more annoying than going to a site that immediately asks you to install software.

Please let me know in the comments if you’re having trouble seeing the Twitter feed. Please also let me know if the widget is too wide for the sidebar space on your screen and crowds out the content to the right of it. So far it looks like it fits okay.

We nearly set a record yesterday with over 4,100 page views — a piddly amount for some blogs, but not bad for this little venture. You can’t always tell by the number of comments, but we’re growing steadily.

Have a good Sunday all!

Author: Doug Powers

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