Nevergreen: Environmental Stewardship the Streisand Way

Thank God noted celebutard and flarp-brained singer Barbra Streisand is there to help us be environmentally responsible — here’s a slice of her response from a Q & A with Politico:

The U.S. contains 4 percent of the world’s population but produces almost 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. A lot of time was lost over the past eight years to make the necessary drastic and critical changes in our behavior in order to curb climate change. Many Americans feel like the problem can only be solved with significant intervention by the federal government. That is true, but we also need the action of every American to help solve this problem.

It was fantastic that, during the 2008 presidential campaign, President [Barack] Obama highlighted ways in which everyday Americans can help in this fight. … by filling up the air in their tires, replacing older light bulbs [with] newer, energy-saving ones, driving a hybrid vehicle, carpooling, bringing your own bags to the grocery store, installing low-flow showerheads, unplugging unused appliances and recycling.

Yes indeed, it’s your duty to reduce your carbon footprint so Babs can continue to frolic in her carbon meteor crater:


Here’s just part what the environmentally reponsible singer’s concert tour a couple of summers ago entailed:

The diva herself would be ferried around in a limousine accompanied by her entourage in 13 tractor-style trailer trucks, before being whisked to London on her private jet after the two-and-a-half-hour concert.

You, however, should be forced to live in a biodegradable shoe box and carpool in a kumquat-powered Matchbox car.

Somebody check the air pressure in Streisand’s head.

Author: Doug Powers

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