Obama Teleprompter Tragedy: Accident, Suicide, or Something More Sinister?

One of Barack Obama’s teleprompters fell to its death yesterday. Theories abound.

It’s no secret that the rate of suicide goes up among those who are horrendously overworked and exhausted, and judging from recent articles about the Obama administration’s incredibly long hours, I imagine Obama’s teleprompter may have taken its own life.

However, investigators certainly shouldn’t rule out TOTUScide. What did TOTUS know? Was it about to go public with something? Was the TOTUS to its left jealous because Obama was spending more time reading from the ill-fated teleprompter? We may never know.

Maybe the video can offer some clues:

Adding to the deceased teleprompter tragedy is that it was the teleprompter that was chosen to assist Obama with the first pitch tonight at the All-Star game. Here’s a picture from the rehearsal:


Rest in pieces, TOTUS.

Author: Doug Powers

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