Truth is Funnier Than Fiction, Part XXIV: HBO Documentary on Ted Kennedy

HBO has a new documentary about Ted Kennedy documentary entitled “Teddy: In his own words.”

The last name of the co-producer of the documentary, who was interviewed on Hardball Friday night, is “Waterlow.” Yeah, I know. As if Kennedy naming his dog “Splash” and once praising John Kerry for saving somebody from drowning wasn’t enough, now even documentary producers are unwittingly getting in on the act.

I can’t help but wonder if “Teddy: In his own words” will feature Teddy’s words about why there will never be a documentary called “Mary Jo: In her own words.”

Update: Ted has an upcoming Memoir called “True Compass” (good lord, the shameless comedy just never stop with this guy), and the publisher is printing 1,000 commemorative copies that will sell for $1,000 a piece — but that price includes the book, a leather-bound bottle of Chivas, autographed diving mask and snorkel sporting the Martha’s Vineyard Sheriff’s Department logo.

Author: Doug Powers

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