More Americans Learning That Free Health Care is the Most Expensive Kind, Support Nosediving

Good news: Public support for National Health Care has slipped below 50% for the first time since Obama was elected.

This is the reason Obama and the Dems are in such a rush to ram through a bill… because every day more people are made aware of what they’re trying to get us into — standard modus operandi for any **crooked politician or armed robber. (**today’s redundancy is brought to you by Slim Jim beef jerky and meat sticks. Snap into a Slim Jim!)

Dems want everybody to believe that, with every hour we waste squabbling over petty things like all our money and our childrens’ future and health, people are dying in the streets. Nah, the only thing dying in the streets is the liberals dreams of full control of the health care system of the United States. Keep up the pressure on Congress! They’re caving in like a third-world coal mine.

Author: Doug Powers

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