Obama Guarantees Provisions in a Health Care Bill He Doesn’t Know the Provisions Of

Obama had a conference call with liberal bloggers, and the Prez really needs to pre-screen the questions like he does before his press conferences, because he was caught off guard when one person on the call asked him if it is indeed true that the National Health Care bill will essentially outlaw private insurers.

Obama claimed he wasn’t familiar with that particular provision, but assured the caller that if the provision is in there, it isn’t in there, and if it isn’t in there, it won’t be — unless it’s in there when he signs it… or… something like that.

Maybe there are many Democrat politicians who want to rush to pass the 1,000-plus page health care monstrosity before they have to actually read all that crap, but Obama isn’t one of them — he knows exactly what’s in there, and this response is just duck and cover. The fact that he’s ducking and covering from his fellow liberals now is encouraging:

I’m more confident by the day Obama and congressional libs are victimizing themselves with their rushed greed and immediate and insatiable lust for even more power. The political left in DC could well end up like the executioner who was riding into town in such a hurry to do away with the condemned prisoner that he got tangled in a tree and hanged himself with his own rope.

But I could be wrong, so keep the heat on your Congressperson.

Author: Doug Powers

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