Glenn Beck Explains On-Air Exorcism

As some of you know, I do some writing for Glenn Beck. I’ve met him, been on the air with him and was a fan long before any of that happened. He’s a really nice and soft-spoken guy, which is why I find freakouts like his now-famous total on-air meltdown the other day to be so incredibly hilarious.

The incident reminded me of an exorcism of sorts, which got me to thinking he should have a “Liberal exorcism day” every month or so where Glenn rolls up his sleeves and gets rid of the Chomsky demons in various liberal callers from the relatively safe confines of a padded studio.

In any case, here’s Beck explaining the incident to Bill O’Reilly, complete with a clip from the afforementioned exorcism. If you haven’t seen the freak-out yet, enjoy:

Author: Doug Powers

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