Sheila Jackson Lee Says Something Dumb Again

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, fresh off the Michael Jackson memorial, never fails to entertain, and today is no different:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) told activists rallying on Capitol Hill in support of the newly reintroduced Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), that the United States should join 27 other countries that have equality guarantees for women, including Rwanda, Algeria, China and Afghanistan.

“It does make a difference if an Equal Rights Amendment is in place or not,” Lee told the people who gathered outside of the Capitol on Tuesday.

“Twenty-seven other countries, including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Algeria and China have equality provisions,” Lee said.

Because when you think of equal rights, you think of Rwanda, Algeria, China and Afghanistan.

In the literal interpretation of “equal rights,” Lee is correct. In China, for example, dissidents are all equally thrown in prison or equally killed. Babies conceived to parents who already have one child are equally murdered.

Then there’s this from Marie Claire’s “Worst Places on Earth for Women”:

AFGHANISTAN: A woman dies during childbirth every half-hour, the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. Domestic violence is endemic; 87 percent of Afghan women have been assaulted by a family member.

Afghan women are just 13% away from the assaults being completely equal and fair!

The literacy rate for women in Afghanistan is 28%. In spite of that, any of those 72% of Afghan illiterate women would be more competent U.S. Reps than Sheila Jackson Lee.

Author: Doug Powers

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