A Peek Inside the Obamacare Bill: Do You Believe Democrats, or Your Lying Eyes?

“Pay no attention to the socialists behind the curtain!”

That’s essentially the Obama administration’s defense against allegations (and flat-out proof) that Obamacare will do away with private health insurance options. Case in point:

The White House is directly addressing viral attacks on the president’s health care reform push, trying to defuse spreading rumors suggesting a government takeover of insurance.

The administration on Tuesday targeted a clip featured on the Drudge Report claiming Obama wants to eliminate public health insurance with a video of their own.

Pointing to the right-leaning aggregator on her computer, White House Office of Health Reform Communications Director Linda Douglass “says the people who always try to scare people … are at it again,” manipulating old video to “leave a false impression.” She then plays video of the president promising that anyone who likes their health insurance will be able to keep it.

Okay, forget about that video clip that shows Obama in 2003 saying he’s seeking a single-payer health plan.

Why listen to anyone when we can look at the actual Obamacare Bill, otherwise known as HR 3200? Here’s part of what it says in Section 113, pg. 21-22 about private insurance (blue square added):


“Not provide incentives for small and mid-size employers to self-insure” means that you will not have a choice! (Their “pro-choice” philosophy begins and ends at killing babies). There will be penalties for those who self-insure. If potential buyers of private health insurance are regulated into a government program, then this will eliminate private companies.

“But we’re not getting rid of private insurance companies.” No, just their customers — what’s the difference? Obama and the libs want to take the same approach with firearms — you don’t have to make guns illegal if you can make the ammo impossible to buy.

Technically, private insurance options won’t be illegal… but technically Hitler never outlawed kosher delicatessens, either.

The government has no plans to offer a “competitive plan.” The plan is to eliminate private options. Period. Otherwise there’s no point in the exercise. They’re not going to all this trouble to be “shown up” by the private sector. There will be no private sector in health care if this bill passes. Does a fearful aversion to “adverse selection” sound like an entity that welcomes competition?

Don’t blame the pro-Obamacare politicians for what they’re saying — some probably haven’t even read the bill. The rest are trying to pull one over. So you can either believe what they say, or your lying eyes.

Just ask yourself this: If this is so good for America, why does the Obama administration and Dems in Congress feel the need to lie so egregiously about what is and isn’t in the bill?

Other horrific details of Obamacare are here.

Author: Doug Powers

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