Michelle Obama Can Haz Cheezburger, But You Can No Haz Camera While She Eats It

After all the “transparent” Obama administration’s harping on ending obesity and healthier eating, I can understand why they might not want anybody taking pictures of them scarfing on junk:

Michelle Obama, like her husband, enjoys a good burger, but not as well done. The first lady brought daughters Malia and Sasha to former “Top Chef” contestant Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery in DC for cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries, and milkshakes. “They got the burgers medium,” says a spy. (President Obama was mildly ridiculed after ordering a burger medium-well in January.) “Three starving Secret Service guys were literally standing over the grill as Spike made the burgers, but didn’t eat,” our source adds. Fellow patrons had their cellphones temporarily confiscated to prevent pictures from being taken.

Hey, cameras weren’t banned when Bill Clinton bought a double burger (hold the mayo), onion rings, french fries, apple pie and a milkshake a couple of weeks ago — and on the eve of a conference on obesity no less:


Now there’s a man who’s not ashamed of his sack! If there’s anybody with a reason to not want cameras around, it’s Bill Clinton, so if cell phone cameras in restaurants are good enough for Bubba, shouldn’t they be good enough for the FLOTUS?

Michelle O’s Secret Service detail didn’t get this person’s camera just outside the place, but the photog appears to be a “friendly” so I guess it’s okay.

You know, the Dems should send Michelle to the increasingly tense townhall meetings this month. That way, all the cameras will be confiscated and the union goons, SEIU thugs and ACORN kneecappers can pummel tea party types with no recorded evidence, all under the guise of “burger security.”

The next time I hope Michelle O. lets everyone keep their cameras when she’s eating so all of America can be made aware that, for the first time in her adult life, she’s proud of her cheeseburger!

(Update: Thanks to Michelle M. for the linkage!)

Author: Doug Powers

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