Good News: Voter Outrage Turning Congress on to Jesus

It’s amazing how fast a secularist liberal politician can turn into an evangelical preacher when the heat is on.

One Democrat has figured out how to keep unruly “mobs” from speaking up at her townhall meetings — and that’s by not having townhall meetings on health care, but rather “prayer vigils” on health care. One of these shameless snakes is California Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

Sanchez captures the true meaning of Christmas in her holiday cards, so why not bring this same religious zeal to her townhall meetings? This way, God’s happy and right-wing mobs are silenced — well, the latter anyway, and that’s all this is about.

It wasn’t bad enough that Democrats were using sick children as human shields, but now they’re turning their townhalls into places of worship. So much for their beloved separation of church and state.

Now let’s all bow our heads and pray for the successful transfer of trillions of dollars at the expense of future generations and Constitutional freedoms. “Dear God, please make these peasants understand that our theft is for their own good, and done in your name. Amen… I mean, Aperson…”:

“We are here to pray, not to protest.” Fortunately, taxpayers are learning do both at the same time, Ms. Sanchez — thanks in no small part to people like you.

At about the 2:50 mark, Sanchez sets a new world record for dumbing down an explanation. It’s something to behold.

The fact that lightning didn’t strike during this was a little disappointing.

(h/t HotAir)

Author: Doug Powers

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