Huckabee: Let Wal-Mart Run Health Care

nullOn Mike Huckabee’s show yesterday he proposed — tongue semi in cheek — that Wal-Mart run the health care system in the United States. Hey, if the only other option is to have the incompetent theoreticians at the scheme hatchery in Washington, DC run health care, count me in. Plus, you could have your appendix taken out at the same place you buy your bread and milk, so it’s be a hell of a time saver.

I don’t see “Thou shalt not run the health care system” on any of Ted Kennedy’s “10 commandments for Wal-Mart,” so I guess it wouldn’t be blasphemous to do so (Yes, it’s true — Ted Kennedy once had the gall to stumble down from the ivory-tower clutching a bottle of Chivas inscribed with commandments for a private company like some kind of gin-blossomed Wal-Mart Moses).

A couple of downsides to Huck’s idea: There’s a better than average chance your doctor would be a cheap knock-off import from China, and do you really want a greeter standing there saying “Welcome back to Wal-Mart!” when you wake up from surgery? Eh, I guess it beats coming to and seeing a bunch of politicians rifling through your wallet and groping your wife:

Author: Doug Powers

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