First Rule of Stone Fight Festival: Don’t Talk About Stone Fight Festival

I love the late summer… the temperatures get milder, the days get just a little shorter, the leaves start to change ever so slightly, and people in India whip rocks at each other until dozens of people are injured:

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) – At least 60 villagers were injured as they hurled rocks at each other Friday in central India as part of a 200-year-old ritual, police said.

Crowds gathered before noon along a stream dividing two villages and began pelting each other with stones to mark the “Got Mar” festival, K.T. Waife, the deputy inspector general of Chhindwara district told CNN.

According to one belief, the stone-throwing is carried out to commemorate a couple killed in a similar attack from the two sides two centuries ago, Waife said.

So it’s kind of like what would happen if the Hatfields and the McCoys met up in a quarry in Mumbai.

By the way, “Got mar” is Hindi for “Oh f*#k that hurts!!”

Here’s a dramatization of how the event went:

Author: Doug Powers

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