Obama May Visit Kennedy to Breathe New Life Into Obamacare

The Secret Service has visited the Kennedy compound, which means that one last shot at resuscitating Obamacare is probably in the works:

Kennedy family sources tell ABC News that the Secret Service was at the family compound on Cape Cod earlier today and returned in the early evening, possibly preparing for a presidential visit with Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.

Ironically enough, Obama’s visit with Kennedy, whose life’s dream has always been a single-payer health care system for all Americans, would occur as Ted’s surrounded by the best team of private doctors his family’s money can buy.

My sources tell me that Michelle’s even breaking out the “good shorts” for this visit.

Here’s a prediction: Within hours of the news of Kennedy’s death, the Democrats will push a vote on one or more of the health care bills currently in Congress and hope to ride a wave of emotion and soaring media coverage that is certain to accompany news of the passing of the most glorious of “public servants” who has spent decades selflessly spending everybody else’s money.

There may even be a touching video of Obama spending time with Kennedy — nothing as ballsy and shameless as saying that if Mary Jo Kopechne were still alive, she’d have a better life because of Ted Kennedy — but close.

Oddly enough, the death of one of the biggest proponents of “national health care” might be the only way to breathe life back into Obamacare — and the Obama administration knows it.

Update: A Kennedy aide says that Obama is not going to visit Kennedy. Why the Secret Service would have been at Ted’s place if Obama wasn’t going to visit is anybody’s guess.

Author: Doug Powers

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