Beck Advertisers Misdirected Boycott

The boycott of Glenn Beck is amazingly misdirected if you think about it. Van Jones, who is Barack Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” — is the co-founder of “Color of Change,” the group that organized the boycott of Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News.

Jones is one of those radicals who has his sights set on a takeover of private industry under the guise of saving us all from climate change or in the name of health care, and yet many advertisers are essentially saying — by virtue of their actions — that Beck is the problem with America?

Think about it — Advertisers avoiding Beck are caving to pressure put on them by people who want to do away with private sector industry and free market capitalists, or at the very least extort them to a slow death — the same people that Beck’s exposing. As of this morning, 16 more advertisers have pulled from Beck’s show. Geez, just because somebody might want you boiled in oil doesn’t mean you have to light the stove for them.

If the takeover of private industry were to be isolated only to those companies who are taking part in the boycott, I’d say “More power to you, Mr. Jones.” Some of those ignorant corporate Obama genuflectors deserve the America they’re helping create, and they’ve earned the right to be stripped of their companies, but nobody else has.

Here’s your “Green Jobs Czar” — yet another unaccountable commie on the Hope Train:

Author: Doug Powers

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