I’m sure this survey wasn’t weighted in any one particular direction — nope, nuh-uh: While eight of 10 Americans say they favor a public health insurance option, fewer than four in 10 can define what that option is, an AARP survey indicates. [...] The nationwide poll surveyed 1,000 adults identifying themselves Democrats, Republicans or independents […]

Ted Kennedy’s funeral will be a “green” one — for Alaska at least, albeit temporarily: A U.S. Senate tour of Alaska’s climate change hot spots has been postponed so that senators may attend the funeral of their Democratic colleague, Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts. [...] Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, was supposed to host four senators […]

Chris Matthews, remembering Ted Kennedy on the Today Show, said that Barack Obama is the last remaining Kennedy brother. As the only Kennedy brother who never had a shot at Marilyn Monroe, Obama might feel like he lost out, if Matthews’ proclamation wasn’t so asinine in the first place. But that aside, if Chris is […]

Lost in the mix of all of the news coverage is the loss of somebody whose contributions to the cause of freedom and less government should be recognized and appreciated — especially today. Rose Friedman, wife of 64 years to the late economist Milton Friedman, died last week. Here’s part of her obituary from the […]

Hey Trekkies, good news! Now even blind people will be able to tell you’re not gonna get laid tonight: Here are the Klingoneriffic details: Humans and aliens alike swooned over Captain James T. Kirk, so it was only a matter of time before someone claimed to have bottled his charms. Firebox is now selling three […]

Senator Ted Kennedy has died. Prepare for the nauseatingly long and shameless exploitation of the death of somebody with a lifelong dream of government-run health care for everybody except rich politicians. When it comes to the health care battle, for the left, Ted’s death will provide a spark in the health care war — the […]

Bush, Cheney and the CIA should be forced to go to the WTC site and see firsthand evidence from the event that precipitated one of the worst human rights abuses the world has ever known: A 60-ton steel-beam fragment has been returned to the site of New York’s World Trade Center as part of a […]

The boycott of Glenn Beck is amazingly misdirected if you think about it. Van Jones, who is Barack Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” — is the co-founder of “Color of Change,” the group that organized the boycott of Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News. Jones is one of those radicals who has his sights set on […]

When you’re trying to fight off accusations of being a Marxist, there’s nothing like having a legendary Marxist come running to your defense, and playing the race card ta boot:: President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate him […]

Feel free to make your own joke here. From Rush & Malloy: Bedbugs have sent Bill Clinton and his staff fleeing the former President’s offices, a source tells us. No word on whether WJC actually has a bed in his Harlem suite, but the infestation is said to have been so bad that exterminators told […]

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