I’ll take the government more seriously about having anything to do with the health system in this country when they can first get houses they already run in order: The U.S. Postal Service, struggling with a massive deficit caused by plummeting mail volume, spends more than a million dollars each week to pay thousands of […]

Another Second Amendment battle is brewing, this time in Chicago, and the Supreme Court is getting involved — hey, it was either this or ban the Olympic shooting events: The Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to decide whether strict local and state gun control laws violate the Second Amendment, ensuring another high-profile battle over the rights […]

It’s all about the “O” in Denmark today as Michelle Obama arrives to pitch the Chicago Olympics, and, in some sort of jet fuel company stimulus program, President Obama will fly in separately tomorrow. But now a bigger, more powerful “O” is involved: Oprah Winfrey is in Copenhagen to pitch Chicago to the IOC. Great… […]

A New York state appeals court dismissed Dan Rather’s $70 million lawsuit against CBS yesterday, so Dan decided to take out his frustration on some innocent babies: Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota tapped Rather to be the keynote speaker at its October 13 banquet at the Minneapolis Hilton. “Dan Rather, the voice, heart […]

Pardon the delay in posting this afternoon… my superfine Acer notebook that has been a good friend for almost five years is in critical condition, and its chances don’t look good. I can’t even boot it into “safe” mode. I had an issue with malware a few weeks ago and it was never the same […]

No matter where the 2016 Summer Olympics end up being held, they might go down in history as having the most environmentally unfriendly, not to mention expensive, lobbying effort ever: The White House confirmed Monday that President Obama will fly on Thursday to Copenhagen, Denmark, where the International Olympic Committee will be reviewing bids from […]

Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO has an insight into why Obama is heading to Denmark — it’s because Chicago has already been awarded the 2016 Games: Some people seem to think that the president is taking time away from more important things to go to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 games. They’re […]

Before the election, candidate Obama promised to pull out of Iraq and focus our energies on capturing and/or killing terrorists in Afghanistan. That might be easier to accomplish if he’d bother to talk to any of the boots on the ground. Yes, it’s true: As president, Barack Obama has been on Jay Leno’s show just […]

As if Chicago isn’t in enough debt, Obama wants to crank it up a notch: President Barack Obama will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, later this week to make a final push to get the International Olympic Committee to choose his hometown of Chicago selected for the 2016 summer games, the White House tells POLITICO. The […]

Every time you think you’ve seen them sink as low as possible, they break out the diamond-tipped shovels and keep going. I have to hand it to Obama’s people — they leave no stone unturned, unethical, illegal or otherwise, in their efforts to propaganda-bomb the general public — even if it requires commandeering something paid […]

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