ACORN Reps Give Pimp and Ho Tax Advice

This plays like a joke, and it is, but at the same time it’s not. ACORN gets a taste of their own medicine here…

A man pretending to be running for Congress and a woman pretending to be a prostitute in his employ walk into a Baltimore ACORN office. The pair tell the ACORN reps that they are planning to traffic in imported underage hookers from El Salvador and need assistance to obtain a housing loan for a brothel while getting around federal and state tax laws — all while laundering the brothel money into the man’s future congressional campaign. “Can you help us?”

Do the ACORN reps, A) Throw them out for being rotten human beings trying to break the law, or B) bend over backwards to help them.

You already know the answer. I’m sure they registered them to vote five or six times each as well.

What a great organization, and it’s nice that our president is so closely associated with this bunch:

Part II of this is here.


Word is that ACORN even gave them a helpful instruction manual:


(h/t Boortz)

Author: Doug Powers

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