Michael Moore Leads ‘Million Pound March’ in Pittsburgh

Noted anti-capitalist capitalist Michael Moore debuted his film “Capitalism: A Love Story” in Pittsburgh yesterday, but not before leading a march from an AFL-CIO meeting to a Pittsburgh movie theater like the Martin Luther King Jr. of hypocrisy and Crisco.

There is no better qualified a spokesman for what direction our health care system should take and how private sector business should be managed than a morbidly obese slob built like a 400-pound stack of pancakes who has made millions of dollars bashing capitalism:

In spite of the turnout that is obviously well into in the dozens, Moore has said that he might quit documentary filmmaking — this is of course depending on how much money he rakes in from this movie. Understandably, Michael fears there might not be enough money in anti-capitalism to pursue it any further as a career.

Update: Intershame seems to think there’s not a point being made because I don’t want to take health care advice from a fat slob, or advice on how capitalism is bad from a capitalist. Those seem like pretty simple points to understand if you ask me, but obviously out of the grasp of some who I guess are challenged in the irony recognition department. And Rush Limbaugh bashing “progressives”? How is that hypocrisy? By the way, Rush isn’t fat at the moment, but Al Franken is. How ironic is that?

Update II: More on Moore’s planetoid-sized hypocrisy.

Author: Doug Powers

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