ACORN Office in San Diego Obviously Didn’t Get the ‘Hey! Stop Advising Pimps!’ Memo

Another confirmation of ACORN crookedness from — and this one’s right in Nancy “What? The Senate de-funded ACORN?” Pelosi’s backyard.

First there was Baltimore, then Washington and New York, but what about members of the pimp and prostitute community on the left coast? They can’t be left out! Thanks to ACORN, they’re not.

If you’re in Southern California and need underage prostitutes smuggled across the US/Mexico border, look no further for help than your local ACORN office for advice:

Part II is here.

Clearly not enough ACORN employees participated in the “Know Your Ho” program.

Memos must circulate slowly in ACORN-land. Seems like they’d be on to this sort of thing by now.

Since this stuff came out, ACORN has said that they’ll hire auditors to review their operation. But why spend the money when that’s being done right now? ACORN should just give the “audit” money to James O’Keefe since he’s already done all the work for them.

What will Charlie Gibson’s excuse be for not hearing about this story?

At what point do massive amounts of “isolated incidents” become the mere trademark of an organized crime operation disguised as a community service organization?

But that’s just prostitution and money laundering — I’m sure their voting projects are completely on the up and up. Oh wait, maybe not.

Update: House votes to cut ACORN funding. Hmm, what do those 75 Reps who voted to keep funding this criminal operation have in common?

Author: Doug Powers

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