We’ve found area in which our president is stunningly and unwaveringly consistent: his pose and smile. Is this the real president in a time-lapse video posing with world leaders from every corner of the globe, or a cardboard cutout put there to fool everyone while the real president is off kicking Iran’s ass and vowing […]

They don’t call where the Kennedys live “Hyannispork” for nothing — and the legendary waste continues: A large military spending bill moving through Congress contains a little-noticed outlay for Boston that has nothing to do with national defense: $20 million for an educational institute honoring late Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts. The earmark, tucked […]

Saturday Night Live debuted a Glenn Beck impression, albeit a short one (brevity is the soul of wit anyway), on last night’s Thursday edition of the show. The outfit and mannerisms needs a little work in order to be completely accurate, but they’re on the right track: Click here for the video. It won’t be […]

Don’t worry… another “strongly worded letter” is no doubt being drafted for dispatch to Teheran: US President Barack Obama will accuse Iran Friday of secretly building a second uranium enrichment plant inside a mountain south of Tehran, two US administration officials said. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, both confirmed that Obama would […]

Anarchists and dozens of other assorted anti-capitalists and anti-border dingbats were in Pittsburgh yesterday protesting the G20 and things got a little rowdy: Police fired canisters of pepper spray and smoke at marchers protesting the Group of 20 summit Thursday after anarchists responded to calls to disperse by rolling trash bins and throwing rocks. The […]

We’ve grown accustomed to the anti-Palin, pro-Obama slant of the media, both news and entertainment… …and of course David Letterman has commented on Palin’s “slutty flight attendant” look and joked about A-Rod knocking up her daughter — and Chris Matthews once stopped humping Obama’s leg long enough to suggest that Palin is illiterate, but I […]

I’d like to say that this video was shot in a Baghdad school in 1990 and that the kids are chanting “Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti” instead of “Barack Hussein Obama,” but I can’t. This was shot at the Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, NJ this year: Why are they doing this? Hey, somebody’s got to […]

The nuts at ACORN, the organized crime syndicate disguised as a “community organization,” would have been wise to just let this one go, but they’re not: ACORN and two former employees of its Baltimore office filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Wednesday against the makers of a hidden-camera video that showed the employees giving tax advice to […]

Added to the list of political “action figures” is S. Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson: Naturally, he says “you lie!”. I might pick one up so I can sit Joe on the arm of my La-Z-Boy and pull the string whenever a Democrat talks — it’ll save the wear and tear on my own voice.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is doing his part to shill for Obamacare — maybe he’s been promised a role in Tallagega Nights II or something. Newsbusters highlights Wolf’s intro to the ad, which is a tongue-in-cheek defense of insurance executives: On Tuesday’s Situation Room, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer used a left-wing talking point on the health […]

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