Ecopocrisy Update: The Carbon Footprint of the U.N. Climate Summit

The big United Nations Climate Summit is going on in New York, and thousands of people have flown in for the meetings. This involves over 100 heads of state and their respective entourages, mistresses, masseuses, attorneys and money launderers (sometimes all rolled into the same person), and many bring their own gas guzzling ground fleet with them as well.

So, what is the carbon footprint of the U.N. climate summit? There isn’t a footprint, because it’s more like a meteor crater.

Via CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller:

To hear world leaders and others addressing the United Nations Summit on Climate Change, the threat could not be more real and the need more urgent to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. But in stark contrast to the earnest statements is the carbon footprint associated with their gathering.

It happens every autumn: midtown Manhattan becomes the motorcade capital of the world. Each foreign leader in town has a convoy of vehicles. Some of them, like President Obama’s motorcade, are 20-to-30 vehicles in length. It’s so long – it seems that when the front of it reaches the U.N., the back end is still back at his hotel.

Exacerbating the annual exercise in diplomatic gridlock are police actions, blocking intersections and closing streets for security to facilitate motorcade movements. It renders countless other vehicles immobile while waiting for motorcades to pass, their engines idling but still blowing exhaust into the midtown air.

Does it undermine the goal of the climate change summit and cause the pledges of environmental concern to ring hollow?

Asked about it, White House climate change negotiator Todd Sterns had a suggestion.

“I think the U.N. should make a pledge to electric vehicle motorcades within five years,” he said.

Right. As soon as all U.N. diplomats pay their parking tickets

Yeah, why meet in person? Haven’t these pinheads ever heard of “”? Talk about a “green” meeting. But that would deprive everyone of coming to the nation they’re trying to soak under the guise of fear generated by junk science and greed. You’ve got to be in the neighborhood if you’re going to strip the tires off the car.

As far as the “carbon footprint” of this gigantic meeting at Club-Bureaucrat goes, “climate change” is a self-perpetuating cause. In other words, if man-made climate change wasn’t a problem before these meetings, it sure as hell will be after.

Al Gore, how do you feel about burning tons and tons of gasoline in private jets and ground vehicles to attend emergency summits on saving the earth from the ravages of burning fossil fuels? … Al? … Al?


By the way, if you don’t know much about Mark Knoller, follow him on Twitter. He’s breaks ranks with the ordinary Hope & Change Kool Aid drinkers we’ve come to expect from the MSM. Tapper’s good too.

The Other Hsu Drops

Another day, another Democrat fundraiser gets busted:

Hassan Nemazee, a fund-raiser for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has been indicted for defrauding Bank of America, HSBC and Citigroup Inc out of more than $290 million in loan proceeds, U.S. prosecutors said on Monday.

The announcement follows last month’s indictment of Nemazee, head of a private equity firm and an Iranian American Political Action Committee board member, on one count of defrauding Citigroup’s Citibank.

If Mr. Nemazee is lucky he can get a work-release job with ACORN. They need a few replacement employees.

Obama on Letterman

“And the number one reason President Obama went on Letterman’s program tonight… it’s the only show not called ‘Fox News’ that he hasn’t been on yet.”

As I write this, there’s still a couple hours before the Letterman show is broadcast on the east coast (the show is taped at about 5 p.m.), but CBS already has a four minute clip up on their website.

As much time as Obama’s spent on his whirlwind media tour in the past few days, I can’t help but think about an old, campy air disaster movie — I think it was Airport ’79, though I’m not positive. The jet is at cruising altitude, and the captain has been in the passenger cabin mingling for an unusually long period of time. After a while, with the captain still talking to passengers, an elderly woman finally taps him on the shoulder and says, “Hey, who’s flying the plane?”

Watch CBS Videos Online

Update: I had to look it up… yep, the movie was Airport ’79, and the elderly woman was played by Martha Raye.

(h/t HotAirPundit)

Senate to Get Masks to Wear, Several Decades Too Late


Finally, the crooks are getting masks — it’s a little late though, because we’ve already seen their faces, but at least they’re trying:

Capitol alert for H1N1 outbreak; senators and staff to get masks

Senate officials are holding internal planning exercises this week to prepare for a swine flu outbreak that could hobble congressional offices.

There’s an upside to every crisis, I suppose. If they’re trying to scare us, that’s the wrong way to phrase it.

At least Robert Byrd is good to go — He stored his old Kleagle hood and mask in moth balls for just such an emergency.

Is anybody seriously panicked at the thought of Congress missing a bit of work? I feel like a Spanish prisoner in the 1400’s who’s been told Torquemada might call in sick. Good!

Hopefully the outbreak isn’t too severe, lest the Sensenbrenner Bill kick in and force the rest of us to drag our flu-addled butts to the polls to elect a whole new batch of weasels.

Thank a Soldier on the International Day of Peace

Today is “International Peace Day,” which is a U.N. “let’s pat ourselves on our bureaucratic backs” holiday that completely ignores some of the reason(s) there is peace in the first place.

Here’s a little bit of Wikipedia background:

The International Day of Peace occurs annually on September 21. It is dedicated to peace, or specifically the absence of war, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone. It is observed by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples.

[In 1981] The United Nations General Assembly declared, in a resolution sponsored by Costa Rica, the third Tuesday of September (the opening day of regular sessions of the General Assembly) as the International Day of Peace devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace.

So on this day, I’d like to take a different sort of approach. Instead of acknowledging the contributions to peace of, say, John and Yoko (I have yet to hear about any nut case who decided to give peace a chance just because they heard “Give Peace a Chance”) or Rosie O’Donnell (a “peace activist” who doesn’t drop her guard but wants the nation to drop theirs) — I’d like to recognize those who have actually had a hand in enforcing the peace. Specifically, the U.S. Armed Forces past and present. Let’s even throw the CIA and the FBI in the mix, since they’ve been so unfairly maligned of late by some of our own politicians.

It seems to have gone unnoticed in some circles, but we haven’t been attacked on our own soil for several years now, and it’s not because there’s an increased rate of standing in a circle holding hands while singing Kum Ba Ya.

Today, on this “International Day of Peace,” let’s all say “thank you” to our veterans and active military. Throughout our history, they’ve fought for, and won, independence. They have helped put an end to slavery, oppression, genocide and all manner of craziness put forth by every spiral-eyed deranged dictator and tin-pot wanker on the planet, all this with nary a nod of appreciation from the “pro-peace” bunch who enjoy the fruits of this sacrifice and then, ironically, ignore it on International Days of Peace. If you’re staying cool in the shade, don’t forget to be grateful for the umbrella — that’s all I’m saying.

When Smart People Play Dumb: Hope, Change & ACORN Edition

President Obama went into full Sgt. Schultz mode this morning on George Stephenopoulos’ program. He even pretended to be unaware that ACORN gets “a whole lot of federal funds.” Now that’s funny!

I guess Obama is like Congress and doesn’t read the bills he signs off on either, because the funding for ACORN was in the stimulus bill. In fairness to Obama though, billions of dollars is isn’t considered “a whole lot” in Washington.

It’s amazing how even the brightest, most attentive, wisest micro-manager can be mostly unaware of the details of a glaring story like this when it might make him look bad.

Obama also insinuates that the whole mess is below his pay grade and not really worth his time to worry about in the first place. ACORN, you’ve been cut loose.

Another one under the bus!

At least he didn’t reference the incriminating tapes by saying “That isn’t the ACORN I knew.”

Give Stephenopoulos credit for not pretending that he hadn’t heard about the story like Charlie Gibson, who uses ignorance as cover for his own bias.

ACORN? Who’s that?


(h/t HotAirPundit)

Limbaugh to Take Leno’s ‘Green Car Challenge’

This story highlights the fact that Rush Limbaugh has said that electric cars will never catch on unless the government forces them to catch on (which is what ruined the auto industry in the first place), but with an appearance on the Jay Leno Show, Rush will probably provide more promotion to the electric Ford Focus than the government ever could, so I wouldn’t call Limbaugh anti-electric car — and he’ll probably give Jay a big ratings boost in the process:

America, are you ready for Rush Limbaugh in an electric car?

The conservative talk show host has agreed to take Jay Leno’s “Green Car Challenge.”

In the segment airing next Thursday on NBC’s “Jay Leno Show,” Limbaugh will race an electric Ford Focus around a custom-built track beside Leno’s studio, the show’s representative confirmed.

The “Green Car Challenge” segment makes its debut on the primetime show tomorrow night. Celebrities who participate drive two times around the twisty track, which takes a little less than a minute to complete.

Bob Costas, Al Michaels and Drew Barrymore will have all set times to beat once Rush gets behind the wheel. Michael Moore was on Leno early last week — I wonder why they didn’t give him a shot at it too?

If Leno really wants to set hybrid speed records, he should have his producers get in touch with Al Gore’s kid, who is the Chuck Yeager of eco cars.

Have you ever seen electric car drag racing? Without the roar of the engines and the burning tires, it’s a little like watching a G-rated orgy, so I don’t think it’ll ever catch on:

Report: ACORN May File Criminal Complaint Against Pimp & Ho (aka James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles)

It’s getting so a community organizer can’t even offer advice about the international sex trafficking of underage girls and money laundering without some crooked blog reporter coming along and breaking the law:

Former employees of the beleaguered community activist group ACORN are planning to file a criiminal complaint in Baltimore against the creators of the series of videos that have spurred outrage against the organization, knowledgable sources have told Investigative Voice.

The filing could come as soon as Friday afternoon, sources said.

The criminal complaint will allege that recordings of the group’s employees giving advice on how to evade taxes and house underage South American sex workers to journalists posing as a pimp and prostitute were obtained illegally.

Getting sued by ACORN for doing something illegally is like being called a fat slob by Michael Moore.

I don’t think this will happen for a couple of reasons. 1) Government prosecutors are already looking into the matter so there might be no need for an ACORN suit, and 2) Does ACORN really want anybody looking deeper into their operation as might happen if people are forced to defend themselves and/or called as witnesses at a trial? If ACORN is smart they’ll let this all go quietly and get back to their business of forging voter signatures. And ACORN mustn’t forget, they still have 75 staunch allies in the House of Representatives.

Now don’t forget to pick up a copy of ACORN’s latest self-help manual, available in the lobby on your way out of the courthouse: