Obama Admin. Backpedals on Student Address, Will Still Encourage Kids to Get High Marx in School

As is modus operandi with just about everything this administration screws up, the inevitable backpedaling has commenced on Obama’s planned speech to students next Tuesday:

White House Withdraws Call for Students to ‘Help’ Obama

The Obama administration is rethinking its course recommendations for students ahead of President Obama’s address to the the nation’s schoolchildren next week, rewriting its suggestions to teachers for student assignments on how to “help the president.”

The Washington Times reported Thursday that presidential aides acknowledged they helped the U.S. Education Department write the suggested assignments, which stirred criticism by many who say Obama is trying to indoctrinate the education system.

White House aides said the language was supposed to be a inspirational, pro-education message to America’s youths, but its unintended consequences were evident.

Among the activities initially suggested for pre-K to 6th grade students was to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.”

Sure enough, that item is now absent from the teacher’s guides for the speech, but how many teachers already printed off and will use the “old” teacher’s guides? This fact does not escape the Obama administration. These things are like “mistakes” in newspapers — the initial “error” was on the front page and read by thousands, but the retraction ends up on page 16E and is seen only by a couple of parakeets.

“Unintended consequences” is Hopenchange-speak for “we got caught trying to pull some s*#t.” They’re still getting what they want though.

Obama’s people set agendas like they’re selling stuff at a garage sale — put a price on something that’s twice as much as you want, and that way if somebody talks you down you can appear to be giving up of what you wanted and still ending up with exactly what you were after.

I know they’ll be watching and listening intently at Barack Obama Elementary:


Update: If you don’t want your kids to hear the speech, just give ’em a pass.

Update II: Kids in NYC, Boston and L.A. won’t hear Obama’s address — those districts don’t start school until the next day. It’s hardly a surprising oversight considering this is indoctrination brought to you by the same people who put together the Manhattan flyby, the health care disaster and the Cash for Clunkers cluster foxtrot.

Pfizer Gets Pfu*#ed

A little reminder of whose in charge here heading into a heated health care debate, and the business equivalent of waking up with a horse’s head in the bed?

I’m guessing this is more of a brush pitch for crowding the health care plate than a sudden legitimate punishment for wrongdoing, but I could be wrong:

Federal prosecutors hit Pfizer Inc. with a record-breaking $2.3 billion in fines Wednesday and called the world’s largest drugmaker a repeating corporate cheat for illegal drug promotions that plied doctors with free golf, massages, and resort junkets.

Hey Pfizer, those temptations are reserved for politicians only, so knock it off and jump back on the Obamacare wagon while you still can!

Ben & Jerry’s Goes Gay

If you’re ever in the mood for a frozen dessert that with every bite will remind you of two hairy, sweaty men having sex, then the anti-capitalist hippie capitalists at Ben & Jerry’s have a treat for you:

Ben and Jerry’s has changed the name of one of its best-selling ice creams to Hubby Hubby, in celebration of the legalisation of gay marriage in its home state of Vermont.

The Hubby Hubby tub feautures a picture of two men getting married. The flavour formerly known as Chubby Hubby will be sold under the playful new name for the length of September.

I personally would have opted to call it “Meltin’ John,” “Mustachio Almond,” John Berry,” “Boysenberry George,” or “Harvey Milk Chocolate,” but it wasn’t my call.

Here’s what the container looks like.


Did they really need to mention fudge?

If Ben & Jerry ever buy the Oscar Meyer company and try a similar tribute, imagine the packaging possibilities.

Beam Me Up, Jim Traficant’s Getting Out of Jail

On April 2002, Ohio Rep. Jim Traficant — the Democrat with a toupee so bad it looked like a tribble passed out on his head — was convicted of all charges he faced, including racketeering, bribery, kickbacks and fraud. Sure, these days, that kind of behavior means you get to keep your chairmanship, but a few years ago it was a big deal.

But now, Traficant’s going to be a free man:

On the eve of his release Wednesday from a 7-year stint in federal prison, colorful former Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) is proving to be just as provocative as when he was expelled from Congress.

While he has been publicly silent and turned down numerous interviews while incarcerated, Traficant is the subject of considerable debate back home in Youngstown where he will be greeted as a returning hero by some and as a reprobate by others.

His legion of fans still considers him an authentic blue-collar voice, a standard-bearer for the economically beleaguered Mahoning Valley. They see him as a man who spent his career in politics fighting for the working class — the Almanac of American Politics once described him “as one of the kindest and most thoughtful members to House employees and pages” — and was ultimately railroaded by overzealous prosecutors.

Their excitement is palpable — 1,200 people have already put down $20 each to attend a welcome home party scheduled for Sunday evening. A local T-shirt store has sold roughly 600 “Welcome Home Jimbo” shirts to those attending the event.

Frankly, I hope Traficant can find his way back to Congress and join on the free-range criminals on Capitol Hill — it’s not like it can get any worse. His trademark “Beam me up, Ms. Speaker” would be the perfect fit right now. In addition, he wasn’t afraid to buck his own party, especially on illegals and border security.

Here’s Jim Traficant at his finest:

The Duggars Aren’t the Problem

Yeah, the Duggars announced they’re having their 19th child. Sure, jokes like “Hey lady, it’s a vagina, not a clown car” have been thrown around for years. Yes, there are many “I hate the Duggars” style groups on Facebook. But some people need to get a grip — the Duggars aren’t the problem.

There’s a lot of misdirected hatred for the Duggar family. Here’s just one example:

When Meredith Viera says, “The Duggar family is here and they have a very special announcement,” you know it can’t be good news. And it isn’t, if you’re at all concerned about overpopulation or the health of Michelle’s vagina. You guessed it—Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were just thrilled to announce that they’re expecting their 19th child.

Read some of the comments that followed that blog post — or don’t. You probably can guess what they’re like.

Here’s another camper who’s unhappy with the Duggars breeding habits.

How come these people never freak about “overpopulation” and such when they read about, say, Latrica Ryan, a 29-year-old single mother with ten kids, aged two months to 13 years (at the time the story was written) who is on public assistance no less? This woman is the Chuck Yeager of irresponsible breeders, and yet this article nearly lionizes here as some sort of hero.

The Duggars, to my knowledge, earn their own money. Sure, they no doubt get paid for a reality show and have been in advertisements, but the last time I checked these are all private-sector ventures, and as such, each time the Duggars have another kid, no money is sucked from my paycheck to support the latest addition.

In reality, the left’s abhorrence of the Duggars has nothing to do with overpopulation worries in the global and environmental sense — that’s just the convenient excuse. The truth is that the Duggars are a massive culmination of everything the left can’t stand: Self-sufficient, vehemently pro-life, and proud and unapologetic Christians who aren’t in the market for a nanny-state — an abject threat to the “progressive” visions for America if there ever was one.

The Duggars are contributing to over-population alright… an over-population of non-liberals, and that’s the real reason behind the loathing.

If the Duggars are raising moral, educated, self-sufficient, conscientious kids who won’t look to the government and taxpayers to fund their very existence — the world needs more of them, not less. I hope each of their 19 kids has 19 kids too. Pump ’em out like a Play-Doh fun factory, Duggar family, and maybe we won’t end up with an idiocracy after all.

It’s a little perplexing though — You’d think that liberals would love the Duggars, because if they weren’t so self-sufficient, imagine how much thicker the crowd around the government teat would be.

‘Indoctrination 101’: Obama to Deliver National Address to Students


Hope is not only alive, but mandatory on the first day of school for many American students. It’s never too soon to get the “Obama Youth” movement fired up.

A brief intro from Exurbanleague:

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, President Obama is going to deliver an address to all American students. Obama’s Department of (Re-)Education helpfully provides detailed instructions so that the teachers can help promote Dear Leader’s message.

I went to the Department of (re)Education’s website, and sure enough, a quick search lead to a suggested “teacher’s guide” (MS Word doc can be downloaded here) for instructors — I’ll post it in full here, excluding some typically touchy-feely gibberish at the end, but you get the gist:

Grades 7-12 Menu of Classroom Activities: President Obama’s Address to Students Across America

Produced by Teaching Ambassador Fellows, U.S. Department of Education
September 8, 2009

Before the Speech:

• Quick Write or Think/Pair/Share (Students spend a few minutes Thinking and writing about the question; Paired with another student to discuss, then Sharing their ideas with the class as a whole). What do we associate with the words responsibility, persistence, and goals? How would we define each term? A teacher might create a web of student ideas for each of the words.
• Quick Write or Brainstorm: What are your strengths? At what are you successful as a person/student? What makes you successful at these efforts? List at least three things you are successful at and why you feel successful with these tasks.
• Short readings. Notable quotes excerpted (and posted in large print on board) from President Obama’s speeches about education. Teacher might ask students to think alone, compare ideas with a partner, and share their collaborations with the class (Think/Pair/Share) about the following: What are our interpretations of these excerpts? Based on these excerpts, what can we infer the President believes is important to be successful educationally?
• Brainstorm or Concept Web: Why does President Obama want to speak with us today? How will he inspire us? How will he challenge us? What might he say?
• Brainstorm or Concept Web: What other historic moments do you remember when the President spoke to the nation? What was the impact? Students could create a Cause/Effect graphic organizer.

During the Speech:

• Listening with a purpose: personal responsibility, goals, persistence. Teachers might ask pairs of students to create a word bank from the web of any one of the terms (personal responsibility, goals, or persistence) at the top of a double-column style notes page. On the right-hand side, students could take notes while President Obama talks about personal responsibility, or goals, or persistence, trying to capture direct quotations. At the end of the speech, students could then write the corresponding terms from the word bank in the left hand column, to increase retention and deepen their understanding of an important aspect of the speech.
• Listening with a purpose: Inspiration and Challenges. Using a similar double-column style notes page as the one above, the teacher could focus students on quotations that either propose a specific challenge to them or inspire them in some meaningful way. Students could do this individually, in pairs or groups.

Transition/Quick Review: Teachers could ask students to look over the notes and collaborate in pairs or small groups. What more could we add to our notes? Teachers might circulate and ask students questions such as: What are the most important words in the speech? What title would you give it? What’s the thesis?

After the Speech:

Guided Discussion:

• What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech? What lines/phrases do you remember?
• Who is President Obama addressing? How do you know? Describe his audience.
• We heard President Obama mention the importance of personal responsibility. In your life, who exemplifies this kind of personal responsibility? How? Give examples.
• How are we as individuals and as a class similar? Different?
• Suppose President Obama were to give another speech about being educationally successful. Who could he speak to next? Who should be his next audience? Why? What would he say?
• What are the three most important words in the speech? Rank them. What title would you give this speech? What’s the thesis?
• What is President Obama inspiring you to do? What is he challenging you to do?
• What do you believe are the challenges of your generation?
• How can you be a part of addressing these challenges?

And I’m guessing at the end of the speech, Obama will be joined some Sesame Street characters as well as certain representatives from ACORN and other socially-conscious groups to teach kids the proper way to conduct a census in their home, and which comrade — I mean, “community organizer” — to report back to in their pre-designated Area of Hope and Change. Time permitting, everybody will close the day with the Youth Regiment Pledge.

If you have kids in public school, call the school and demand to see the script that the teleprompter is going to have Obama read to the kids, and/or demand to sit in their class when they show the speech. If they refuse on either count, tell them your child won’t be in school that day. A free-thinker who’s a little short on class time is always preferable to an over-indoctrinated academic.

Here’s the best part for me personally. My kids don’t start school until September 9th, but don’t tell that to the Agents of Hope, or they might delay the message a day.

Update: Michelle Malkin points out one teacher who will run with this curriculum (video toward the end of this post)

Update II: Lauri Regan at the American Thinker writes on the same subject: My kids are off limits

(h/t Ace)

The Daily Kos Has Some Uplifting News… For Republicans

If you’re a conservative, Republican, or a pro-freedom non-Democrat of any stripe, an unlikely source for such information has some good news for you. Markos Moulitsas from The Daily Kos — after examining some trending data that could have lefties whizzing a fine, environmentally-friendly mist — concludes this way:

At current rates, any 2010 losses would not stem from any resurgence in conservative ideology — Republicans are simply not making any significant gains anywhere — but in a loss of confidence in Democrats. There’s a way to change that dynamic — deliver on the promises made the last two election cycles. Failure to do that would make cynics out of too many idealistic political newcomers, while turning off base activists who do the hard on-the-ground work of winning elections.

Seems pretty obvious out here, outside the Beltway, and the numbers bear it out, but there’s no indication that Democratic Party leaders in DC — from Obama to Reid — are fully aware of how dangerously close they are to setting the stage for an electoral drubbing in 2010.

Agreed — Obama, Reid and Pelosi have no idea how dangerously close they are to a whuppin’ in 2010, and as of this moment, the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals feel obligated to warn them that the danger exists.