Meghan McCain Attempts to Remove the ‘w’ From ‘Twitter’: CNN is There

John McCain’s daughter and faux Republican Meghan McCain is threatening to delete her Twitter account because a picture she posted featuring her holding an Andy Warhol book while her two massive but politically moderate headlights were being pushed up by an out-of-sight midget or something prompted a slew of “you’re a slut” comments.

What’s the world coming to when a girl can’t even put a picture of her knockers on the internet without a bunch of people responding with something inappropriate?

That aside, I didn’t think the story was very “newsy” or even remotely interesting, but CNN is apparently trying to give TMZ a run for their money. I think I even heard one of Larry King’s suspenders snap, and you can bet that Wolf Blitzer will have little blood left in his brain tonight when he reports on it (maybe that’s the reason for his legendary “Fail” on Celebrity Jeopardy).

Here’s the photo in question:


I don’t see what the big deal is, other than it looks like Meghan has Uncle Fester and Vin Diesel in a headlock.

There, that was a nice diversion from the seriousness of the day — except that now for some reason I have a tremendous urge to go out into the garage and over-inflate my tires.

Author: Doug Powers

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