Congressional House Call, Noon Thursday

It’s of continual amusement to me that the two people with the biggest sets of brass balls on the political right are women, but that’s neither here nor there in the big picture — other than to say that the likes of Mitt Romney have to seriously shore up their raisinettes if I’m going to consider voting for any male for president in 2012.

Below is Rep. Michele Bachmann, the second most hated conservative woman who’s working on achieving the number one position, on Glenn Beck’s radio show earlier today, organizing a little trip to Washington, DC on Thursday to pay a house call on Nancy Pelosi & Company to discuss their unprecedented power grab.

Bachmann reminds everyone that congressional offices are public places, but as we saw a few days ago, “public” places aren’t always open to the public.

“This is about government control, not about health care.” Indeed. There’s no reason for members of Congress to come to tea parties when we can take it to them:

Nancy Pelosi is reinforcing the locks, doubling the guards and installing an anti-peasant alarm system at the Ivory Tower as we speak.

Author: Doug Powers

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