The Best Indicator of a Republican/ Conservative Sweep Today; Updated With Election Results

Update(s): Republican McDonnell wins Virginia Gov — NJ Star Ledger declares Repub. Christie the winner in New Jersey (CNN just called it for Christie as well).

Conservative candidate Hoffman loses NY23 House race. Hoffman would have won had he gotten just over half of 6% of the moron “Republicans” who still insisted on voting for Scozzafava, even though she dropped out of the race a few days ago. Michelle Malkin sums up why Hoffman, though defeated in the election, serves as an eye-opener for the left and “moderate” Repubs.

Side note: Larry King seems incredibly preoccupied with the result of the Maine gay marriage vote. I won’t venture a guess as to why, other than to note that Larry’s wearing his lavender suspenders tonight as a possible gesture of solidarity to the homosexual wedding insurgency in the Pine Tree State.


You know the Dems are expecting three losses today, because they’re already claiming that any losses will in no way signal a voter rejection of Obama and his agenda:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: “The notion that this [is] somehow a referendum on President Obama is just not the case.” As for 2009 as a signal of what’s to come in the 2010 elections, Gibbs added, “Whatever the results are, I don’t think they portend a lot in dealing with the future.”

White House political guru David Axelrod: “I don’t really view those elections that way.”

So if by some miracle the Democrats manage to pull out all three elections, Obama’s people will in no way spin that as a voter approval of Obama’s first-year performance. Nope… won’t happen. Okay, maybe it would just a little.

The White House is saying things like “How can Virginia be a referendum on Obama — he hasn’t been there in months!” And they’re right — if you don’t count the time Obama was there campaigning, uh, five days ago.

And fact that Fred Thompson drew a larger crowd in New York than Joe Biden is in no way a sign of a motivated and angry electorate.

Then there’s this billboard in New Jersey that makes it clear that Jon Corzine and Barack Obama are two distinct and completely separate political entities, and if Corzine loses, it has nothing to do with voter disenchantment with Barack Obama:


“He’s one of the best partners I have in the White House.”

Unless he loses — then I’ve never met the guy.

Author: Doug Powers

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