Bill Clinton vs. George W. Bush: The Debate


Some might call it The No-Brainer vs. The Dress Stainer, and others might call it The Saddam Hanger vs. The Intern Banger, but one topic isn’t debatable: They’re both going to make a lot of money for it:

Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will go head to head in a debate at Radio City Music Hall next February, as part of a series pairing liberal and conservative thinkers called “Minds That Move The World.”

The debate “will be formatted to allow for President Clinton and President Bush to each present their thoughts on a wide range of important current events and national issues through a moderated question and answer period during which the moderator can elicit information and insights into particularly pertinent topics of the day,” according to a press release.

Tickets, which go on sale Sunday, range from $60 to $1,250.

You can submit a question here.

My top two questions would be these:

“President Clinton. I heard you got a huge erection in Kosovo last week. Is that true?”

“President Bush, can you please repeat after me? New-klee-er. Nuclear. Not new-cue-lerr, but new-klee-err. Okay, say it. Nuclear. Can you please start saying it that way from now on?”

Author: Doug Powers

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