Did Palin and Beck Get the Dem Elected in NY23?

Little Green Footballs sums up what is bound to be a common sentiment among those who confuse winning with victory:

Hoffman has conceded to Owens. So there’s the first Democrat victory in NY-23 in more than 100 years. Nice work, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck!

A fair enough assumption — with the exception that it’s a little silly to claim an election to be a referendum on people who aren’t even active politicians — but that aside, is it true? On the surface, yes. This is the first Dem win in NY 23 in over 100 years. But we first we need to remember why conservatives like Palin, Beck and Malkin supported Hoffman — as did I — and that’s because the “Republican” wasn’t a Republican.

If Doug Hoffman was a non-issue and the race would have been between Owens and Scozzafava, no matter who ended up taking the election, the Democrats would have won. Scozzafava confirmed this when she endorsed the Democrat after dropping from the race. With the way it played out, and with the big support for Hoffman, at least a conservative had a chance at winning. And remember, this was a guy who just a few weeks ago had practically no support and no name recognition.

The situation in the country demands that those concerned about the future of America reach beyond political parties in order to save the nation from, at the very least, financial ruin and a Socialist avalanche. It’s not about getting people elected just because they have “R”s after their names but who will subsequently do nothing but propose ways to destroy the country and the constitution ten percent slower than their counterparts on the left side of the aisle.

I’m no longer going to vote for a “Republican” who only loathes a trillion-dollar health care takeover because it contains, say, federal funding for abortion, but who will vote for the same trillion-dollar hunk of unconstitutional madness just because that tiny section is removed. We can’t afford any more red-herring chasers like that. Scozzafava wouldn’t have taken issue with that, by the way — she was a pro-choice darling of NARAL.

Nah, NY23 wasn’t a message to Democrats — it was a message to Republicans to wake up. And to that end, mission accomplished Sarah.

One dirty fact that may bother Democrats through all this is that Obama personally visited NJ and VA to lend his name to the campaigns of Corzine and Deeds, and they lost. Obama didn’t campaign for Owens — who won. If there’s a negative trend here, it’s for Obama and not Palin.

Author: Doug Powers

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