Protesters Arrested at Lieberman’s Office

The protest Joe-mentum is on the rise this morning. All eyes are on Michele Bachmann’s “congressional house call” today, but so far the people getting arrested are those from the left who seek public trough immersion therapy:

8 Protesters backing a universal health care system briefly occupied Sen. Joe Lieberman’s office this morning.

Protesters were arrested, one by one, and dragged out of his office amid chants of “Everyone in and noone out, universal healthcare now!” and “Represent Connecticut, not AETNA!”

On Tuesday in California, a dozen pro-Obamacare moonbats were arrested after refusing to leave Nancy Pelosi’s office. They do realize she’s on their side, don’t they? Next time pretend to be cosmetic surgeons, guys, and you’ll be invited to stay for dinner.

Will those who show up for Bachmann’s “house call” today be arrested for being in the public offices of Congress? Probably not — Queen Pelosi doesn’t allow the public to enter public spaces if she doesn’t like what they’re going to say.

Taxpayers are rarely granted visitation rights with what used to be their money.

Update: A live feed of the tweets coming from people at Operation Housecall is here. Michelle Malkin has photos and more coverage here.

As a friendly suggestion, next time I recommend that all protesters take a page from Obama’s mop thing and bring brooms — the ones we’ll be using to sweep them out of office with.

Author: Doug Powers

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