BOHICA Alert: Health Care Scam Moving Towards a Weekend Vote; Capitol Hill Switchboard Recording Still Pitching Obamacare

With unemployment at 10.2%, record debt and a faltering economy, why not drop another trillion dollars on a stimulus program for lawyers, unions and politicians disguised as a health care program?

A vote on the bill — which is 1,990 pages and any Reps who even tried to read it would have had only eight days to do so — could come this evening, but if it’s pushed into Sunday or beyond, that’s good news because it will mean they don’t have the votes:

And after a month’s worth of legislative wrangling and deal-making, the bill is approaching its final destination: a vote on final passage, expected sometime before the sun rises on Sunday. Pressing toward dawn on Saturday, the Rules committee passed a rule after nearly 12 hours that would set up a vote on the healthcare bill at 6 p.m.

What all this boils down to if this passes is that by 2016, you could have to buy a $15,000 health insurance policy from the government or go to jail for five years — the latter penalty will fall under the umbrella of a “housing program” to add even more compassion to the Obamacare bill.

The good news is that President Obama is expected to visit Capitol Hill today to lobby for the bill’s passage, and lately his campaigning on behalf of certain politicians has been their kiss of death, so we can only hope he does the same for this insane and unconstitutional “health care” bill.

The Capitol Hill switchboard number is 1-800-828-0498, so light it up. But be forewarned: I just called it and found out that, just as was the case a couple of months ago, the recorded message you hear tells callers to “urge their member of Congress to vote yes on health care reform.” How is this even ethical, let alone legal? Sorry, dumb question — as if those things even matter anymore.

The switchboard is used by Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, and paid for by all taxpayers, but obviously the majority party also gets control of the answering machine. I can’t imagine if the tables were turned that the Dems would allow that to stand — but then, that’s why the Dems are in control.

Update: I’m live-blogging the House health care debate and vote in this post at Michelle Malkin’s blog.

Author: Doug Powers

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