A Picture is Worth a Trillion Dollars and Lots of Lost Freedom

For anyone concerned about the future of the United States of America, there should be no more frightening a vision that Nancy Pelosi in a jovial mood, and this one is her most expensive smile yet — not including the plastic surgeries:


I live-blogged the House vote last night (the second half of this thread) and the margin of victory was thin for the Democrats. How will you come up with the $15,000 a year for your “free” health care? The good news is that if you refuse to pay, your health care, meals and housing will be free in prison. So either way you’ve got your health care!

The proves to be a tough sell when it goes to the Senate as well. It may hinge on which Senators who are up for re-election next year fear for their jobs over this boondoggle — this includes 16 Democrats and Arlen Specter, who always serves as a threat to support the liberal position.

Obama’s position is to keep pretending that people want this and that will make people actually want it. This is from a blast email from “Organizing for America” that was in my email this morning:

But you and millions of your fellow Organizing for America supporters didn’t just witness history tonight — you helped make it. Each “yes” vote was a brave stand, backed up by countless hours of knocking on doors, outreach in town halls and town squares, millions of signatures, and hundreds of thousands of calls. You stood up. You spoke up. And you were heard.

But you weren’t heard. A CNN/Opinion Research poll found that “72 percent of Americans want Congress either to make major changes, start over from scratch, or simply stop working on health care legislation.”

Democrats know you don’t want it, which is why the rush toward a nearly midnight vote on a Saturday night. They’re following their typical modus operandi of “give it to them if they don’t want it and convince them they need it later” — because convincing us we needed it first was going badly.

This needs to be defeated in the Senate, because if it passes — though we can “clean house” in 2010, which I predict will happen if this passes — we’ll always be stuck with the scam.

Politicians and their laws are like certain social diseases: You can vow never to sleep with the whores again, but you’ll still be stuck with their herpes forever.

Author: Doug Powers

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