Tougher Gun Laws Would Have Saved Fort Hood Victims?

Via NRO, here’s some misguided lunacy from Peter King, an S.I. columnist who unwisely deviated from sports to pen the following:

My heart goes out to the victims of the Fort Hood and Orlando shootings and their loved ones. Senseless, senseless incidents. I will not go quietly into the night on this one. America needs to do something about idiots with handguns. How many more Fort Hoods and Orlandos do there have to be before our political leaders have the guts to severely restrict access to murderous weapons?

The Army is no place for guns! And unfortunately in many cases, that’s not a sarcastic statement.

This AP report described the scene just before the shooting:

Packed into cubicles with 5-foot-high dividers, the 300 unarmed soldiers were sitting ducks.

Mr. King thinks there should be more ducks. I think there should be more Kimberly Munleys.

Besides, speaking specifically of the attack at Fort Hood and the motivations behind it and asserting that “America needs to do something about idiots with handguns” is like waking up on 9/12/01 and saying “America needs to do something about idiots with airplanes!” It’s patently absurd and hopelessly naive.

Update: The wife of a wounded Fort Hood soldier who will still ultimately be deployed to Afghanistan was asked if she was worried about her husband going over there. Her reply? “At least there he can shoot back.”

Nuff said.

Author: Doug Powers

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