Chris Matthews Asks the Burning Question: ‘It Isn’t a Crime to Call Al Qaeda, is It?’

Here’s Chris Matthews talking to Zuhdi Jasser, the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and by the end of this clip it looks like even Jasser thinks Matthews is nuts. Of course, we never really find out what Jasser’s opinion is, because Matthews stomps all over him whenever he starts to talk, which is rather comical in and of itself.

But this is classic Matthews: “It isn’t a crime to call Al Qaeda, is it?”

It isn’t a crime to pray to Hitler either, Chris, but that doesn’t mean that shouldn’t disqualify that person from working as a clerk in a Kosher deli, ya leg-thrilled bonehead.

In this clip, Matthews also says that in America you can’t call somebody a murderer unless they’ve been tried and convicted in a court. Really?

Among other libs, the “blame Bush” game is also on, predictably. Gwynne Dyer writes that Bush’s “war on terror” (not the “overseas contingency operation” that we have now) has radicalized Muslims at home.

What radicalized them on this daybefore the “war on terror”?

Author: Doug Powers

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