Liberal Group Buys Ad Thanking ‘Republican’ Cao for His Support of Obamacare

Just think how much health care for somebody all this money could have paid for:

Healthcare reform advocates will spend about $1 million in the coming days on television spots thanking vulnerable lawmakers for supporting the healthcare bill that passed the House on Saturday.

Americans United for Change (AUFC) plans to air two sets of advertisements in local media markets on Wednesday, totaling about $350,000.

One of those ads will air in Louisiana and thank Rep. Anh Cao, the lone Republican to fall in line with Stretch Pelosi and support Obamacare.

Cao took over the seat from Democrat William Jefferson, and if he inherited Billy’s freezer, all he got to put in it (besides possibly a Dove bar from Pelosi) were minimal promises from Democrats and a feeling of faux self-importance because the president “spent weeks courting him.”

More than likely those promises will go by the wayside totally if the bill fails in the Senate, and no doubt the DNC will support any Democrat who runs against Cao next year.

With a district that went 75% for Obama in 2008, and a GOP that realizes it needs to de-RINO itself or face a donation drought — and as a result will expend few resources to save him — Cao’s political days are numbered.

Good luck with your new friends, Fredo:

Author: Doug Powers

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