ACORN Sues Government For Unconstitutionally De-Funding Them

An entity that doesn’t care about the law is suing an entity that doesn’t care about the Constitution over the constitutionality of one of their laws. This should be interesting:

ACORN has filed a lawsuit claiming that Congress violated the Constitution when it passed a law cutting off federal funding to the organization.

The Center for Constitutional Rights filed the lawsuit on ACORN’s behalf Thursday in Brooklyn federal court. It claims the law was unconstitutional because it punitively targeted an individual organization.

ACORN spends their lives figuring out how to usurp my constitutional right to not have my vote cancelled out by Mickey F*#%@*g Mouse, and now they’re suing the government so they can keep getting taxpayer money, and hiding behind the Constitution to do so? Nice.

Besides, I was unaware that any entity had a constitutional right to taxpayer cash. I’ll have to keep an eye on how this lawsuit comes out — I could use a few million.

Given the overwhelmingly liberal makeup of DC at the moment, and the fact that Dem poll numbers are slipping badly heading into 2010 and they could really use ACORN at its financially healthiest, I think they’d rather start funding them again anyway, and as a result may present a half-assed defense at best.

But on the off chance the government stages an aggressive defense, they should hire James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles as legal counsel and let them cross-examine the ACORN witnesses — while dressed in their trademark pimp and ho outfits of course — for dramatic effect.

Incidentally, ACORN is paying for this lawsuit using royalties from the sale of their latest book:


Author: Doug Powers

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