Tubby Kid Stuck in Skateboarding Bowl Dramatizes U.S. Effort to Get Out of ObamaDeficit™

Okay, here’s a little role playing exercise for demonstration purposes.

Pretend the tubby kid stuck in the skateboarding bowl represents the United States, and the walls of the bowl represent the ever-increasing 10-year deficit projections for the Obama administration.

Imagine that every second of every day, the walls on the bowl get higher and steeper, the kid gets fatter and fatter, the number people with the resources to help him out are fewer and fewer, and we have a fairly decent metaphor for what the U.S. is up against.

(h/t DrunkReport)

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is an author, columnist and blogger covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint. Doug is also a guest blogger for Michelle Malkin (MichelleMalkin.com). In Doug's spare time he enjoys playing with his kids, football, baseball, basketball and speaking in the third person.