Oh, of course I’m kidding! It’s Newsweek, not Armageddon.

Via Politico, here’s the upcoming issue of Newsweek:


If she goes third party, sure she could be bad news for the GOP — nice of Newsweek to care so much about the well-being of the Republican Party.

As for “bad news for everybody else,” Palin is obviously “bad news” that people are hungry for. Palin’s book is going bonkers on the bestseller list and is proving to be one of the best stimulus programs the book industry has had in a good while — and Newsweek’s subscription rate is falling and they’re laying off employees by the dozen.

The only immediate “bad news” is for Newsweek — and when they do gratuitiously negative pieces on a figure who is looked up to by a demographic that spends a fortune on books… not to mention magazines, Newsweek’s death spiral makes all the more sense. This is why the mainstream newspaper business is dying too — you simply can’t dismiss a huge slice of the news consuming public with your bias without ultimately suffering economically.

Not long ago, Newsweek ran a cover called “The decline and fall of Christian America,” so the rise of Christian American Sarah Palin was bound to befuddle the biased suits at the rigor-mortised Newsweek. Christian America isn’t declining and falling as easily as some would like.

Nice picture though — but I wish they’d have used something like this instead.


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