Mt. Lushmore: $17 Million in Stimulus Money For a Shrine to… Billy Carter?

You know, nothing is really very surprising anymore:

In the age of the $787-billion stimulus package, it is, perhaps, a modest question:

Should the American taxpayer foot the bill to enshrine the gas station run by the late Billy Carter — the beer-swilling, wisecracking, self-professed redneck brother of our 39th president?
The legislation calls for the park service to take over the gas station, plus an old farmhouse that Jimmy and wife Rosalynn lived in from 1956 to 1961. Both would be donated by the current owner, the Plains Better Hometown Program.

The park service would also take over a state-run welcome center on the edge of town that has been threatened with closure because of state budget problems.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will cost $17 million to upgrade and maintain the sites over the next five years.

Coincidentally, $17 million was the GNP of the entire U.S. after Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

If the money for Billy Carter is approved, look for Bill Clinton to get in on the action and secure the millions in stimulus dollars to build and maintain a shrine to his brother: a double-wide trailer made entirely out of Roger’s old coke straws.

When you think about what Billy Carter meant to this country, and the $17 million it would cost to maintain that memory, the investment is only about 10 cents for every beer Billy drank during his life, so to that end it’s fiscally responsible. Just think of it as a retroactive return of all the can deposit money Billy would have gotten if there were recycling laws in those days.


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Author: Doug Powers

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