Newsweek: 74% of Letters About Gore Were From Right-Wing Fringe Wackos, So We Didn’t Run Any of Them


After Newsweek ran the above issue (their unbiased and balanced nature is evident when you compare that cover to the upcoming Sarah Palin cover), they received a lot of letters, and they chose which ones to run from a large pool of the 26% that were written by Gorebots:

Newsweek has done it again: a few weeks after acknowledging half its letters were critical of Joe Biden (but publishing none of them), they proclaimed their Al Gore cover was unpopular. Forty-six percent of their letter writers wrote on the subject of Gore, and 74 percent of them were critical. Still, Newsweek ran only positive letters.

A couple examples from the 26% “pro-Gore” batch that Newsweek ran 100% can be read at the above link. Sane and rational mainstream examples indeed — if you’re into comparing people who aren’t taken by Gore’s scam to Holocaust deniers.

The Newsweek suits must be a little jumpy knowing that 74% of their more involved readers are right-wing fringe wackos, at least as far as the subject of Al Gore goes.

Update: There were 200 protesters outside a Gore event in Boca on Saturday night. 800 attended — there would have been more, but a few hundred who intended to see Al accidentally went to a Pat Buchanan speech instead.

Author: Doug Powers

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