Lindsey Graham to Atty General: Would Bin Laden Be Read Miranda Rights? Holder: Homina Homina Homina

Sen. Lindsey Graham did a fantastic job today shining a light on what an incredibly bad idea it is to try enemy combatants in civil courts.

Questioning Attorney General Eric Holder, Graham asked a question that Holder seemed ill-prepared to answer — which is odd considering it’s the crux of the Obama administration’s push to allow alleged man-caused disaster perps (aka “suspected terrorists”) protections the U.S. Constitution affords American citizens. “Would Bin Laden be read Miranda rights?”

The answer is “depends.” Holder used that word so much during this line of questioning that if you didn’t know better you’d think he was filming an ad for adult diapers.

Another highlight:

Graham: Can you give me an example of any time in U.S. history that an enemy combatant, caught on a battlefield, was tried in a civilian court?

Holder: Homina homina homina.

Graham saves Holder time by giving him the answer: There aren’t any examples.

Forward to the 2:00 mark for the good stuff. This is why the battlefield is no place for “maybes” and “depends.” Too many rules and subjective decrees from politically correct bureaucrats means too much room for “error” on the part of our soldiers, which is indeed, as Graham points out, “criminalizing the war” and giving aid to the enemy.

Update: Obama’s considering firing whoever’s leaking his Afghanistan strategy of doing nothing and hoping everything turns out alright in the morning. At least he’s deciding something.

(h/t FreedomsLighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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