Sarah Palin: A Rock Star is Born

Tonight at 7 p.m., Sarah Palin will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan (about 40 miles from where I live) to kick off her book tour.

As of this morning, it’s already a zoo, and people have camped out overnight:

It was 4:55 when the first cheer went up. “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah.” And that’s 4:55 this morning when the thermometer had dipped into the 30s. But the 500 or so people in line didn’t mind the sleepless night or the onset of winter.
By 7 a.m., the line had swelled to more than 1,500 people as Barnes & Noble wrapped orange wristbands around Palin fans’ wrists.

Very few politicians (especially former politicians, which Palin is at the moment) achieve and maintain “rock star” status, but Palin plays a tune that people are hungry for: She’s a “normal” person who wasn’t manufactured by a political machine.

Mainstream America (aka “flyover country”) feels she’s one of them and represents, understands and effectively lends a voice to their concerns. You might say she’s the Bruce Springsteen of political figures, and the lines at her book signings and the crowds at her speeches are only going to swell in the coming weeks and months.

The left dismisses and mocks her at their own peril.

Update: Joy Betard… I mean, Behar… says that Palin’s non-elitist manner is devisive.


Author: Doug Powers

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