Obama Gets a Black Belt in Taekwondo To Go With His Nobel Peace Prize

The president of South Korea has been so impressed with Obama’s roundhouse kicks to the head of the U.S. economy that he figured he deserved official recognition for his talent.

From the Korea Times:

President Lee will present Obama with the credential for taekwondo black belt holders, a taekwondo suit, a black belt and two English-language books on traditional Korean culture and food.

Obama reportedly practiced the Korean martial art for four years in early 2000s when he was the senator of Illinois.

Obama practiced Korean martial arts when he was a Senator? They say he got so good that he could kick a cigarette out of his own mouth. If this is true, at least it would help explain his bowing habit.

Obama’s black belt will look great next to his Nobel Peace Prize and most of America’s money on the ever expanding “stuff I got that I didn’t earn” mantle in the White House.


“Obama-san, show me ‘knock out the capitalism’!”

(h/t Andrew Malcom)

Author: Doug Powers

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