Brave Senate Schedules Preliminary Obamacare Vote for Saturday Night

You can always tell how popular Congress thinks their bills are going to be based on when they schedule the votes. They have the instincts of robbers, and as such tend to avoid doing their crooked thing in broad daylight whenever possible:

The Senate will vote at 8 pm Saturday to cut off debate on a motion to proceed to the healthcare reform bill. If 60 senators support the motion, the chamber would automatically adopt the motion to proceed to the bill and then depart. The Senate would begin amending the bill after the Thanksgiving recess.

The good news is that this is a test vote, and the vermin will be back in their respective districts through the Thanksgiving holiday so their constituents can threaten to jam stuffing up their butts before they possibly finalize the entire bill in a couple of weeks — which will no doubt head to another late-night weekend vote.

Does anybody really think that if everybody wanted Obamacare that these glory-hounds would schedule the vote for a weekend?

In the meantime, the government is already planning to ration care at the expense of lives: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended that women don’t need breast cancer screening until age 50, and now they’re saying women should push back their first PAP screening to age 21. Are these just coincidences? Highly doubtful.

Not surprisingly, even though women are being encouraged to push back the age at which they get PAPs and breast cancer screenings (under Obamacare they’d be mandated to not be screened until the required age), you’ll notice that no government entity is encouraging women to also push back the age at which they get abortions — quite the contrary. Under Obamacare, more human beings means more expense for the government — plus they’re bad for the environment.

Imagine where this will lead if the monstrous health care takeover passes.

Even more comedy: The CBO says that by 2019, taxpayers will be paying $196 billion per year to subsidize other people’s health insurance coverage, and that there will still be 24 million people uninsured — that’s more than are uninsured now!

Wasn’t the entire alleged purpose of Obamacare was to cover the uninsured? As is the case with most everything else the government does these days, it has nothing to do with the stated goal, and everything to do with taking your money, freedom and perhaps lives — not necessarily in that order.

Prediction: If an amended Obamacare bill makes it back to the House, why am I guessing that Nancy Pelosi will strip this provision from the bill faster than she can say “facelift”?

Update: The Pro-Obamacare Dems at “Organizing for Anti-America” are staging a big anti-Palin push to raise money. Hmm, I wonder why they’re viewing her as an increasing threat?


(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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