Ed Begley Jr. Upset We’re Not All Gonna Die

As far as environmentalists go, I’ve always liked Ed Begley, Jr., but only for the reason that he’s not a private jet flying, mansion owning, giant pool heating hypocrite like Al Gore. From everything I read and see, Ed walks the recycled, solar powered walk — but in this exchange with Stuart Varney, Begley comes across like an Al Gore associate on commission who’s pissed that the curtain has been pulled back on the Wizard just a little bit — and it’s just the tip of the melting iceberg.

The news that the world may not in fact be about to end should make Ed happy. It should at least make him just a little more skeptical of the data he’s been fed — but that it doesn’t is a dead giveaway that disproving a global warmists “facts” is merely casting a gloom on their hopes of cashing in on it. Either that or Ed realizes he’s been Punk’d by Al Gore and doesn’t want to admit it.

In any case, it’s fun to watch Ed get his biodegradable hemp undies in a twist, though I can’t help but wonder how large the carbon footprint of this fuming is:

Update: This will make Ed’s head asplode: Hide the Decline: The Music Video

(h/t BigHollywood)

Author: Doug Powers

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