Obama Pardons Turkeys, Congress Instinctively Goes on Recess

The annual White House tradition of pardoning a turkey took place at the White House today, with President Obama pardoning two birds: Courage and Carolina:


Fox News reports that the pardoned birds will now fly to California, and Courage will serve as honorary grand marshal for Disney’s “Thanksgiving for Giving Day” Parade, while Carolina will be an alternate in case Courage can’t fulfill his duties. Nancy Pelosi is next in the order of turkey succession in case either of the other two are accidentally eaten tomorrow.

According to the White House, the turkey “Courage” was given to Obama as a gift by the Japanese Emperor — which is, you know, the whole reason Obama was only looking down and definitely not bowing:


Here’s a flashback to last Thanksgiving to remind us how a real turkey pardon is performed:

Bonus trivia: A few years ago, George W. Bush made the mistake of trying to pardon a turkey that once belonged to Bill Clinton:


Author: Doug Powers

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