Howard ‘YEEARGH!’ Dean Denounces Obamacare Bill

Howard “YEEARGH!” Dean appeared on Air America’s Bill Press Show (Air America is still on the air?) and told Press that the current health bill in the Senate is nothing but a huge insurance industry bailout, will dramatically raise health costs for consumers, will burden future generations with trillions of debt, is unsustainable and contains no insurance reform.

If Dems won’t listen to Republicans, maybe they’ll listen to the former DNC Chair — although Howard seems to be making the mistake of analyzing the bill from a practical standpoint when in fact the only intent of Reid/Pelosi/Obamacare is as a launching pad for an industry takeover. “Health care reform” has little to nothing to do with health care, Howard. Maybe he hasn’t gotten the internal memo yet.

Dean, a Vermontian Socialist, opposes this bill for vastly different reasons than I oppose it (“this bill doesn’t take over enough of the industry” vs. “the government shouldn’t stick their greedy snouts in private industry”), but the immediate task at hand is to kill this bill, so Howard’s opposition is welcome:

(h/t Yid)

Author: Doug Powers

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