The video below featuring Chris Matthews saying that Obama’s approach on Afghanistan is “too much Chamberlain, not enough Churchill” is patently hilarious (or perhaps Patton-ly absurd).

Obama campaigned and was elected (with great assistance from the likes of Chris Matthews and his fellow Hopeophiles in the media) on a platform of ending the war, appeasing our “enemies” into liking us, closing a terrorist detention facility, reading terror suspects Miranda rights when they’re picked up in the field, trying them in US civil courts and giving them Constitutional protections all while wanting to better understand the root social causes for their motives in wanting to destroy us — and Chris Matthews actually expects Churchill to somehow arise from all that?

In a political sense it’s like waiting for Clay Aiken to turn into John Wayne — not gonna happen, Chris:

Here’s the closest Obama could ever get to sounding like Churchill: We shall fight on the beaches; we shall fight in the fields and in the streets; we shall fight on the landing grounds; we shall fight in the hills — we shall never surrender our quest for… national health care.

I always pictured Obama as being more in line with General MacArthur than Winston Churchill, but updated for Generation Hopenchange:



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